What could be worse than this interminable campaign? [UPDATED]

The termination of the campaign, that’s what.

As things stand now, we have a bad president who is a lame duck. We also have a Republican Senate and a Republican House. Neither is anything to write home about, but neither is doing much new damage to the country. Finally, we have a Supreme Court with four leftist Justices, one short of the majority needed to bring about radical transformation.

When this campaign is over, and regardless of the outcome, we will have a bad president who is not a lame duck. More likely than not, the president-elect will be Hillary Clinton, who is as bad as the current president.

We may also have a Democratic Senate. And regardless of which party controls the Senate, Hillary Clinton, assuming she wins, will be able to put a fifth leftist on the Supreme Court.

It looks like Election Day ended up coming too fast, after all.

UPDATE: It is my policy not to delete any of my posts, not matter how bad. Since we started in 2002, I have deleted only two — one at the request of John; the other at the very strong request of my law firm.

This post is a great candidate for number three, but I will resist the temptation.


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