Fake News About Sarah Palin

The Associated Press fact checker exposes some fake news about Sarah Palin that was propagated on Facebook:

A story claiming former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin called for boycotting the Mall of America in Minnesota over its black Santa Claus is false.

The story, posted by Newslo [Ed.: Never heard of it.] and some affiliated websites, claims Palin told the Star Tribune of Minneapolis, “Santa was always white in the Bible.” It’s been widely shared on Facebook.

But the Star Tribune never ran such a story. And the newspaper’s managing editor, Suki Dardarian, told The Associated Press on Tuesday that none of her reporters ever spoke with Palin about the mall’s recent hiring of its black Santa.

Palin appeared to deny the false story in a Facebook post earlier this month, posting a shot of that story with an acerbic comment.

This is rather funny on several levels, starting with the fact that Santa isn’t in the Bible. It’s good to see liberal organs like the AP fact-checking fake liberal news, but they’ve got a very long way to go.