From the penalty box [Updated with Cartoon]

As he undertook his project of “fundamental transformation,” President Obama took office in 2009 with the side project of beating down FOX News. FOX News disrupted the coordination that the Obama administration otherwise had going with the mainstream media.

As White House communications director, Comrade Anita Dunn took charge of the project. FOX News CEO Roger Ailes stood in there, however, and by November 2009, Dunn was gone. Andrea Tantaros looked back in the column “Outfoxed.”

Comrade Anita herself explained in 2013 that undertaking the project made for “a simple decision, given the fact that Fox News had really been the not-so-loyal opposition since the President had taken office.” That was the spirit.

President Obama must be the smallest man ever to occupy the Oval Office. FOX News remains embedded under his very thin skin. The cable outlet has not fallen into line. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Obama attributed the disappointing (to him) 2016 election results to the supposed presence of “Fox News in every bar and restaurant in big chunks of the country.”

What bars and restaurants? What big chunks of the country? Send me in the right direction.

In the New York Post Joe Simonson doubts it: “Sure, Mr. President, millions of Americans across the country leave their jobs and homes at the end of the day, go to their neighborhood eatery or watering hole, watch ‘The O’Reilly Factor’ and have their brains washed. Please.”

Speaking of fake news…where are the “fact-checkers” when you need them? They have been part of Obama’s Gleichschaltung from day one.

In the clip below FNC’s Neal Cavuto responds to Obama’s complaint.

Via Josh Feldman/Mediaite.

UPDATE by JOHN: Michael Ramirez ridicules Obama’s pathetic effort to blame Fox News for his troubles. Click to enlarge:



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