Gott im Himmel

In the video below (about 8 minutes), former Guardian literary editor Richard Gott debates Gatestone Institute senior fellow Douglas Murray regarding the legacy of Fidel Castro. Why Sky News thought it was a good idea to call on Gott to advocate the case for Castro is not immediately clear. Gott faithfully spouts the Communist Party line on Castro, but it’s a line that Justin Trudeau and useful idiots everywhere share.

In Gott’s case, however, this is the real deal. As Murray points out, Gott left the Guardian when it was revealed by the UK’s Spectator — more here — that Gott had served as a KGB agent of influence on behalf of the Soviet Union back in the day. Murray’s may be the most casually devastating performance by a television discussant that I have ever seen.

As the Spectator blogger says: Viva La Revolución!

Video via Mark Steyn/SteynOnline.