Green Weenie, Supplemental

I may have been too hasty awarding this week’s Green Weenie to the NRDC this morning. Because since that post, Trump has announced his intention to nominate Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt to head the EPA. Pruitt is a totally awesome pic for the EPA. I had been hearing the names of a lot of Bush Administration retreads for EPA, which would have meant business as usual.

How awesome is Pruitt? Just take in the Twitter reaction from former Obama Administration factotum Dan Pfeiffer:


An existential threat to the planet! A backhanded admission that the EPA really is too powerful. “At the risk of being dramatic.” That’s a risk all Green Weenie contestants seem willing to take all the time. I guess Pfeiffer really really wanted a Green Weenie for himself.

Let’s cue the climax of the DNC meeting reported here last month, with the young Zach protesting that climate change was going to kill him:

“You are part of the problem,” he continued, blaming Brazile for clearing the path for Trump’s victory by siding with Clinton early on. “You and your friends will die of old age and I’m going to die from climate change. You and your friends let this happen, which is going to cut 40 years off my life expectancy.”