Israel postpones vote to build in East Jerusalem, for now

The Jerusalem city planning committee was scheduled today to vote to permit the building of 618 new housing units in East Jerusalem, an area populated mostly by Palestinians. However, with John (“Foghorn”) Kerry about to deliver an oration about his vision of “peace” in the Middle East, the planning committee postponed the vote.

Members of the committee said it delayed the vote at the request of Prime Minister Netanyahu. According to reports, Netanyahu does not want to give the Obama administration new excuses to engineer the passage of new anti-Israeli resolutions through the U.N. Security Council or to allow such resolutions to pass.

I doubt that postponing the vote on building new units in New Jerusalem will dissuade President Obama from doing whatever, out of vindictiveness and anti-Israel ideology, he intends to do. However, Netanyahu will be able to tell Israelis that he did what he could to dissuade the American president. Thus, his move makes sense.

Once Trump takes office, expect building to proceed apace.


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