Keith’s World

With the decline of satire in the hands of the left, one might view Keith Olbermann with new appreciation. An impossible man, he has long since burned out among his natural allies in the mainstream media. He now posts poorly produced videos via GQ from a bunker with the acoustics of a rainwater barrel. How the crazed have fallen. If Wayne’s World had a political bent, it might have gone something like this.

Olbermann isn’t trying to be funny, is he? There may be an intentionally self-parodic element here, but he certainly isn’t trying to satirize the crisis of the republic touted by the left at the moment. Olbermann nevertheless takes the hysteria and makes it manifest, turning it into comedy gold. I kid you not.

Quotable quote: “In five weeks’ time, unless desperate measure are taken, we will hand over the government to a man who lost the popular vote…There is no time for a full review or measured analysis.”

Via Stephen Kruiser/PJ Media.