Kellogg’s: Not too gr-r-reat!

John proposed that readers boycott Kellogg in response to the company’s announcement that it is pulling its advertising from Breitbart. Many readers have responded with messages to Kellogg’s on which we have been copied. I particularly enjoyed this one, which I thought other readers might find of interest as well:

I read Mr. Hinderaker’s excellent post about Kellogg pulling its advertising from You may remember when the company refused to pull its ads from the Daily Show in 2012. Here is a copy of the e-mail I sent to Kellogg’s after reading Mr. Hinderaker’s post:

* * * *

I read recently that your company pulled its advertising from the conservative website, allegedly because the site’s content does not comport with your company’s values. The AP story is here.

I have visited many times, and I have yet to see any of the “racist, sexist and anti-Semitic content” referred to in the AP story. But I find puzzling your company’s sudden change of heart on this issue. After all, isn’t Kellogg’s the same company that told offended Christians to just “change the channel” in 2012, after a skit on The Daily Show that showed a manger scene between the legs of a nude woman? (See this CNS News story.)

I wrote to the company at the time, and never received the courtesy of a reply, even the dismissive and condescending “change the channel” response. Guess it all depends who’s offended, and clearly, Christians count for very little in your “corporate values.” Thanks, Kellogg’s. I now know exactly where you stand, and I will never buy your products again.


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