Recount Follies

The Jill Stein/Hillary Clinton recount effort has mostly faded from the headlines, as battles have moved into the courts. A day of recounting in Wisconsin reportedly netted Hillary a single vote. Michigan may or may not begin recounting next week, depending on a court ruling. Pennsylvania appears to be Hillary’s weakest link; Trump’s margin is not narrow enough to trigger an automatic recount, and absent any evidence of fraud or tampering, my understanding of Pennsylvania law is that there is no basis for demanding a recount. Meanwhile, ongoing counting of overseas absentee ballots and provisional ballots have narrowed Trump’s Pennsylvania margin, but it still exceeds the total of outstanding uncounted ballots.

With their wild, unsubstantiated claims of “hacking” and other purported irregularities, Stein and Clinton have set a precedent for future elections that they may live long enough to regret.

To the extent that it goes forward, the recount process simply confirms Trump’s win. Michael Ramirez comments in a cartoon titled “Down For the Recount.” Click to enlarge:



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