The Latest From Berlin: Two Arrested at Mosque

Tunisian terrorist Anis Amri reportedly was seen at a Berlin mosque on two occasions during the week before his attack on the Christmas market. Then, some eight hours after fleeing the scene of his truck attack, at about 3:30 in the morning, he was seen at the same mosque on closed circuit video:


This led to a police raid on the mosque, which is described by the Daily Mail (a much better source for news of this sort than, say, the New York Times):

Police have arrested two men at the mosque where Europe’s most wanted man was allegedly seen just eight hours after driving a 25-ton lorry into a crowd at a Christmas market.

The men, one of whom was in traditional Muslim dress, wrestled with police, shouted expletives and lashed out at journalists and members of the public as they were bundled away.

As always, the Daily Mail somehow comes up with pictures. This is the interior of the mosque:


At this point, it is unknown whether others at the mosque were involved in, or had prior knowledge of, Anis Amri’s mass murder. But one thing we can say for sure is that “lone wolves” never turn out to be as lonely as one might assume.


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