The Week in Pictures: Yuletide Edition

Now I know perfectly well that in a certain region of the country, the salutation right now is more likely to be roll tide! than Yuletide. Whatever. We’re an ecumenical, interfaith site anyway, so we can roll with it. And speaking of whatever, I understand the Pew Research people have found that whatever is the most annoying word of the moment, and I guess so since whatever has become so huge that I can’t even. Personally, I think Pew is a pretty annoying word. In any case, Merry Christmas and happy Hanukah from Power Line, and may Santa actually leave a lump of coal in your stocking to help revive the mining industry. And yes, “Die Hard” IS a Christmas movie!

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And finally. . . a very slight departure from format this week (see story below):



Captain Or Ben-Yehuda of the Israeli Defense Forces has cemented a legacy that will endure well past her lifetime. The young, decorated IDF Captain was in charge of a company of soldiers when they were violently attacked by nearly two dozen terrorists near the Egyptian border.

Captain Ben-Yehuda was in charge of the Caracal Battalion which was stationed near the Israeli / Egyptian border. Three suspicious vehicles quickly approached the battalion’s position and Captain Ben-Yehuda along with a driver went to check them out.

As they approached the first vehicle, nearly two dozen armed men opened fire on their position in an ambush attack. Both Captain Ben-Yehuda and her driver were immediately shot in the volley of gunfire.

Despite suffering from a gunshot wound, Captain Ben-Yehuda managed to get on the radio and call for backup, administer first aid to her driver and return several magazines worth of gunfire back at her attackers.

At this point it was obvious the IDF was going to be able to push back the armed group, and medical personnel wanted to evacuate Captain Ben-Yehuda to treat her gunshot wounds. However, she was unwilling to leave the battlefield until all of the fighting was done.

For her actions and bravery, Captain Ben-Yehuda was awarded Israel’s highest honor, the Medal of Valor.


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