Thoughts from the ammo line

Ammo Grrrll rubs it in with great dexterity as she wonders IF A CELEBRITY THREATENS TO LEAVE, AND NOBODY CARES, IS SHE STILL A CELEBRITY? She writes:

One time, maybe 25 years ago, a male client whose workforce was mostly female was wearing a gag t-shirt at the holiday party where I entertained. He explained that it had been a gift from his wife and four daughters and his employees enjoyed it, too. It said, “If a man speaks in the forest, and there’s not a female there to correct him, is he still wrong?”

Sadly, with careful selective breeding of terrified men with bitter feminists, we have genetically modified the current generation of snowflakes to be not just humor-free, but humor-intolerant. So I’m pretty sure that he would be forced to resign from his own company today, but it was very funny at the time. We commiserated about being “odd gender out” because I was living with one male husband, 3 teenage sons, a house perpetually filled with dozens of their hungry friends, and a male cat (well, technically, a neutered, formerly-male cat who served as an example to the others).

Which brings me to the titular premise we tackle today, a paraphrase of the old “If a tree falls in the forest…” conundrum referenced on the t-shirt: if almost all the celebrities in America were With Her and Trump still won, what does it mean for the star power of these celebrities?

Beyonce, LeBron, Whoopi, Jay-Z — or was it Lay-Z or Cray-Z? –The N-word Spewing Racist Rapper, could not bestir the 2012 black vote to mobilize for the Old White Lady. Despite the wailing about misogyny, the truth is that racial identity politics is a two-edged sword, like “Prevent Defense” in football. Sometimes the only thing you prevent is winning! Old White Hillary, alas, was too pale to support, even though she was in a sham marriage with Bubba, The First Black President, and pointedly refused to agree that All Lives Matter.

All but a handful of pop stars, fading actors, media celebs, and sports figures lent their names and meager talents to Her, though many prominent ones forgot to vote or even register. LOL.

Oh, sure, our side had Mike Tyson, Kid Rock, Jon Voight and Dennis Rodman, freelance ambassador to North Korea, bless his heart, but we couldn’t compete in the star assemblage. Even the COUNTRY stars, for Pete’s sake, took their shots at Trump, and only Trump, on the CMA awards show. There were some funny things to say about The Donald, but was there NOTHING amusing to say about Hillary for balance? Mr. Paisley, I am disappointed in you, and your last CD sucked, too.

Millions of evangelical Christians who have never in their lives uttered the word “pussy” except to call their pet flocked to the polls because they believed that the right to practice their religion was way, way, more important than the potty-mouth of the only candidate who would defend that right.

Millions of blue collar workers voted for a billionaire real estate mogul in the apparent belief that he “cared about people like me,” a trait they refused to attribute to Mitt Romney just four years earlier. I think they were mistaken then, particularly if they thought that Obama DID care about anything but himself and his handicap. But that ship has sailed and while gentlemanly Mitt failed to connect. Trump won their hearts probably in part BECAUSE of his bull-like romp through the china shop of political correctness.

I do not for a minute believe that celebrityhood is dead with a stake through its heart. When I see the celebrity-filled magazines in the checkout line, damned if I can identify more than 10% of the scrawny women and androgynous men, or have any idea why they are celebrated. But they multiply like fruit flies. So they aren’t going away any time soon. But I think their endorsement impact may be somewhat muted from now on.

I used to work night shift in a print shop. Two “motivational” placards hung in my work area. One said “The beatings will continue until morale improves.” The other said “When you’re up to your ass in alligators, it’s hard to remember that your original goal was to drain the swamp.”

The white working class, indeed the middle classes of every color and gender, have had it up to here with the morale-crushing insults and psychological beatings by our snotty, politically correct elites in academia, government, Hollywood and the media. This election said, “No! The beatings will NOT continue. Hit me again at your own risk. Call me vile names and I will see that the other guy wins.” And it was so.

We have taken a giant first step in the Herculean task of draining the swamp. There are already many old bull alligators getting in the way of the task. Political gators, like the real ones in the wild, are smart, sneaky predators who have been in their Beltway habitat for a long time. Gator-fighters say that most methods of self-defense are useless in escaping from a gator that is clamped on to you and there’s a good chance you are going to die horribly but quickly. But if you can possibly find the little flap in their throat that keeps water out, you can fill their maws with water and potentially drown them or at least make them let you go.

I think the contemptuous, bigoted Democrat “hater gators” who agreed with Her that half their fellow citizens are Deplorable Irredeemables drowned on their own vicious bile in this election. Since Hillary was certified fit as a fiddle by her doctor, swearsies, her cough was probably just from choking on her resentment and rage. The left is absolutely incapable of learning anything, however, so they will continue to call everyone in Trump’s administration a Nazi, without ever looking at themselves in a mirror. And who could blame them? Have you seen these losers up close? Worse than celebrities without their makeup!

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