Thoughts from the ammo line

Ammo Grrrll is thinking about CONFESSIONS (not her own). She writes:

Well, thanks to the spectacular results of our recent election, coupled with outrageous premium hikes for something that was going to “bend the cost curve” so far downward that each family would save $2500 a year – Disney World here we come! – Obamacare is front and center once again. Let’s revisit the genius architects of that disaster.

We could start with the brilliant Botoxed billionaire, Ms. Pelosi (D-World’s Largest Outdoor Asylum), who urged speedy passage of the 3,000-page Obamacare monstrosity “so that we can find out what’s in it.” Maybe the poor Democrat congressman who expressed his fear that an island might tip over has said something more stupid than that. But when she said it, I had to replay the clip several times before I believed it wasn’t a Saturday Night Live skit. Nope, it wasn’t Tina Fey, just Nancy Unplugged.

As I said to Mr. AG when we were house-hunting, “Honey, let’s just give the realtor all our cash upfront for a house sight-unseen, and then be surprised by what neighborhood it’s in and whether it has a bathroom ‘n stuff.” Not.

I’ll let slide Ninny Nan’s other notion that if we didn’t have to worry about paying for health insurance, we could all be poets. If there’s one thing this country needs, it’s more full-time poets. (“Nancy, dear, your brains are hash; but they say you really raise the cash.” This universal poetry gig just might work out…)

So let’s move on to the Administration’s super-duper policy salesmen (read: confessed liars).

Confession, they claim, is good for the soul. Confession is also a big help to cops. But nobody will ever go to jail for lying to the “stupid American public” about Obamacare, or to the Bimbos and Mimbos with Good Hair in the Democrat Media about the Iran deal.

So why did Jonathan Gruber and Ben Rhodes have to run their mouths? Point of clarification: They weren’t confessing; they were bragging. They couldn’t help themselves. It is no fun to be a Yuge Important Deal pulling off a big scam if nobody knows about it. It is human nature to blab and why a lot of garden-variety criminals with Carter era speed limit IQs get caught too.

A moron robs a liquor store and gets a few hundred dollars. He had to beat the owner senseless to get the money. Oh, well. It was the dude’s fault for resisting. Besides, he didn’t build that liquor store. Obama said so.

The criminal grabs a few bottles of booze on the way out. He buys his girlfriend du jour a bauble, gets hammered, and brags about the crime. Not much later, he cheats on that girlfriend and she finds out about it. In a jealous rage, she turns him in. “Payback’s a bitch when a woman is scorned,” said 18th Century playwright William Congreve. I may be paraphrasing.

That need to boast while pretending to confess is what made Jonathan Gruber and Ben Rhodes (designated tyrant funeral attender) chortle with delight about how they lied their fool heads off to sell Obamacare and the Help-Iran-Get-the-Bomb Plan. Think of the side benefits!

Neither guy is downright homely, but neither are they going to be mistaken for Gary Cooper any time soon. (My Platonic ideal of the perfect man, as it happens, not counting Mr. AG. I have a large framed and triple-matted photo of Gary Cooper in my office. Tolerant Mr. AG lets me have any boyfriend I want who is either fictional – Mitch Rapp, Joe Pike, Jack Reacher – or dead. And he is allowed, similarly, to have photos of dead ladies, namely, Golda Meir, Margaret Thatcher, Mother Teresa and Mama Cass in his mancave because fair is fair. But back on point…).

Gruber and Rhodes are a pasty policy wonk and prematurely-balding failed novelist. But rolling in money for being skilled liars, as they both admit, should amp up their attractiveness.

I have seen a bumper sticker on a car that said, “I like my men tall, but you can be standing on your wallet.” Haha, very humorous, lady. Makes me so proud to be a womyn. In my opinion, you should affix a companion slogan right under it that says, “RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!! I’m a proud gold digger who will take everything you’ve got!”


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