A slobbering love affair, 60 Minutes style

Bernie Goldberg calls the relationship between President Obama and the mainstream media A Slobbering Love Affair. The competition is fierce but CBS News deserves some kind of special recognition in this department. CBS News president David Rhodes is literally the brother of Obama national security spokesliar Ben Rhodes. The slobbering continues tonight as Obama returns to CBS News’ 60 Minutes for an encore performance with the crew that loved not wisely, but too well.

Sharyl Attkisson provides an illuminating example of the affair from inside the asylum in her memoir Stonewalled. As I noted in my NRO column on the book, Attkisson’s account of the journalistic derelictions of CBS News culminates in her disclosure of how CBS suppressed a portion of the September 12, 2012, 60 Minutes interview with President Obama — the precise portion in which Obama clearly explained why he did not characterize Benghazi as a “terrorist” attack.

The release of this interview might have been of interest, shall we say, in the aftermath of the second Obama–Romney debate, during which Obama successfully promulgated the line — the lie — that he had very quickly characterized Benghazi as a “terrorist” attack, with a timely assist from CNN moderator Candy Crowley, who broke with debate-moderator protocol and backed up Obama’s lie. It was only after Attkisson and others inside CBS News belatedly discovered the relevant portion of the 60 Minutes interview, and after they kicked up some dust about it, that CBS News posted the segment, online only, the weekend before the election — far too late to matter.

As President Obama’s long, long farewell tour arrives at 60 Minutes tonight, the Washington Free Beacon’s David Rutz injects some humor by supplying the appropriate soundtrack to the highlight reel below.


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