A Trump Agenda for Day One

I see in the news that Trump is already planning to do what I was going to recommend be his first act on January 20: Restoring the Churchill bust to the Oval Office.

But I have two other things still on my list that I haven’t seen mentioned anywhere yet.

The second thing Trump should do is sign a directive withholding all U.S. funds currently appropriated for the United Nations. He should follow up by asking Congress to defund the U.N. until it rescinds its recent resolution on Israeli settlements. He should send out a tweet to the effect of how the UN headquarters could be converted into some really nice condos. Ask Attorney General Jeff Sessions whether he has the legal authority to enforce unpaid U.N. diplomatic staff parking tickets. Offer to split the take with Mayor de Blasio just for kicks.

Third, instruct Education Secretary Betsy DeVos to rescind the Title IX “guidance” letter to colleges and universities. Inform colleges and universities that new guidance will be forthcoming requiring full due process rights for all persons accused of sexual assault on campuses, and that all such credible accusations will be referred to the appropriate law enforcement authorities for investigation and adjudication. And perhaps suggest that colleges might want to think about cracking down on student alcohol consumption if they wan to reduce the incidence of sexual misadventures.

Then, starting at 12:05 pm . . .


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