About that Quinnipiac Poll

The results of the Quinnipiac Poll in which I was surveyed last week have been posted here. Quinnipiac summarizes the results at the top of the linked page and provides the numbers below. Quinnipiac reports that it found 899 registered voters to respond to the survey.

Quinnipiac adjusted the poll results according to its secret sauce. The survey used “statistical weighting procedures to account for deviations in the survey sample from known population characteristics, which helps correct for differential survey participation and random variation in samples. The overall adult sample is weighted to recent Census data using a sample balancing procedure to match the demographic makeup of the population by region, gender, age, education and race.”

One of the relatively few poll results favorable to Trump provides that “Americans are optimistic 52-43 percent about the next four years with Trump as president and say 47-31 percent that he will help rather than hurt the nation’s economy.” The Washington Post’s Aaron Blake comments that the poll has all kinds of bad news for Trump. The question is how seriously to take it.

To some extent the poll reflects that a a lot of voters have yet to form their opinions about the prospective Trump administration. The mainstream media are working overtime to shape those opinions.

As I wrote last week, I was struck by the number of questions asked and the length of time necessary to respond. The poll lists 62 questions. I was curious about the results of the two or three questions related to Israel. They don’t appear in the reported results, which omit questions 48-56. It appears, according to the second link above, that they may be released later.


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