An Overdose for Koch-heads

Politico has a curious story out about how Donald Trump a few days ago ejected from his Palm Beach golf course Harry Hurt, who wrote critically of Trump 20 years ago. Now, this might be just another tale in the long roster of evidence of Trump’s thin skin or vindictiveness, but for one important detail: Hurt was playing in a foursome with David Koch (cue evil sinister music now if you’re a leftist Koch-head).

The Politico story is murky because there are multiple accounts of what exactly went down, but this part of the story is fun:

Hurt’s Facebook post says that Trump “had his security detail escort Hurt, Koch, and their playing partners to the parking lot,” and that Koch “was appalled,” and criticized Trump as “petty” and “vulgar.”

Now just what is a leftist to do now? The Kochs are the focus of evil in the modern world according to catechism. But so is Trump. And now Trump has dissed David Koch. I can see the heads exploding over at the Daily Kos, MediaMutters, and MSNBC and they struggle to come up with the correct party line on how to interpret this strange turn of events. It’s almost as though Trump doesn’t care about, and won’t take orders from, the Koch conspiracy. But that rather ruins the leftist narrative about the Kochs. And Trump.

Pass the popcorn.