Breaking: Trump to Acting AG: “You’re Fired!”

When I heard earlier today that acting attorney general Janice Yates at the Justice Department, an Obama holdover, had directed Justice not to defend Trump’s immigration executive order because she thinks it is unlawful, I wondered how fast it would take for Trump to re-enact his most famous TV role. Answer: About four hours.

I’m wondering how this conversation went down:

[On the telephone] Ms. Yates? Yes, this is chief of staff Reince Priebus. Please hold the phone for President Trump.

President Trump: Ms. Yates? Perhaps you’ve seen my years of rehearsal on TV for just such a moment. YOU’RE FIRED!

More seriously, it is obvious that the left, with the full cooperation of their media adjuncts, want to drive Trump from office. Yates probably thinks she’s re-enacting the infamous “Saturday Night Massacre” of 1973, when Nixon dispatched attorney general and limp noodle Elliott Richardson and William Ruckleshaus.

Memo to the left: It’s not 1973. One sign: the White House press release on Yates’s firing. I can’t find a link yet to the White House web site, but here’s a screen cap. Savor the first three paragraphs:



You're Fired