Civil War on the Left, Part 36

How good is President Trump? He not only makes Chuck Schumer cry, but he also has the left spitting mad at Schumer:

Chuck Schumer under fire from left-wing activists

Left-wing activists have found a collateral target in their efforts to resist President Trump — powerful Democratic Sen. Chuck Schumer.

Enraged that the Senate Minority Leader has voted in favor of several cabinet nominees, a coalition of political, environmental and anti-poverty organizations led by the Working Families Party plan to protest near Schumer’s Park Slope home and in front of his Peekskill office this week.

“The Democratic base wants full-on resistance to everything this president does,” said New York Communities for Change director Jonathan Westin. “Trump is not negotiating on any of his positions; he’s going full steam ahead. We should take the stance we’re not going to collaborate on anything.”

So far more than 1,600 people have RSVPed on Facebook and another 6,000 said they were “interested” in going to a “What the f- -k Chuck?!” rally at the Grand Army Plaza in Brooklyn Tuesday night.

The left really needs to pace itself if it hopes to survive four—or more likely eight—years of President Trump. Pass the popcorn.