Ethnic cleansing for peace [video fixed]

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas is rounding into year 13 of his four-year presidential term. The Palestinian Authority is a terrorist tyranny. The last elections held in Gaza vomited forth Hamas, the genocidal terrorist organization that plainly states its goals and objectives without the pretense of good faith and fair dealing.

Yet last week Secretary of State John Kerry saw fit to lecture Israel, the freest country in the neighborhood — perhaps the only Middle Eastern regime in which Arabs enjoy basic civil rights as we understand them — in the requisites of democracy. And Kerry did so without any serious recognition of the true nature of the forces with which that country is contending for its right to exist while that country is found wanting based on principles to which it alone is held to account.

I can understand how sitting on the receiving end of such lectures by the likes of Kerry might raise the hackles of Prime Minister Netanyahu. Seeking to highlight some of the contradictions this past September, Netanyahu released the blunt video below titled “No Jews.” Posted on the prime minister’s Facebook page, the video has proven surprisingly popular.

The Times of Israel reports that the State Department calls the video “inappropriate,” so there must be something to it. The New York Times splices the video of Netanyahu together with the State Department condemnation of it by Elizabeth Trudeau here.