Freakout in Alabama

Left-wingers associated with the NAACP are occupying the Mobile, Alabama office of Senator Jeff Sessions to protest Sessions’ nomination as attorney general. The protesters, apparently a dozen or so in number, say they will continue their sit-in until Sessions withdraws as a nominee for attorney general or they are arrested.

As usual, the left is breaking new ground in incivility. I can’t recall this tactic ever being used against a president’s nominee for an administration job. Now that it’s being tried against Sessions, we can expect it to become fairly common (“normalized,” to use the left’s new favorite word).

There’s a good reason why this tactic hasn’t been used, or probably even considered, before. It is anti-democratic. If protesters genuinely consider a nominee of an elected president unfit and/or racist, prove it at the Senate hearing. Don’t try to preempt that discussion by trespassing.

The protesters obviously don’t expect Sessions to withdraw. They are just looking to be removed forcibly from his office, presumably while singing “We Shall Overcome” — a song that, in it original meaning, has been irrelevant for decades.

In other words, the sit-in is a publicity stunt. The publicity likely will turn off most Americans, but make its seekers feel better about themselves.