Going Gaga: A Very Judd Sequel [with comment by Paul]

I see that my tongue-in-cheek post yesterday about Ashley Judd going gaga at the Wymyn’s March generated a lot of comments, and I do apologize sincerely for not attaching a warning to viewers about it.

But as we’re inquiring after celebrities going gaga, it sent me racking my brain trying to remember what it was that my old mentor M. Stanton Evans once said about Lady Gaga, who as you may know is going to do the Super Bowl halftime show this year. And lo and behold, the magic of the internet summoned it forth, from the recollection of James Roberts:

In the case of Lady Gaga, Stan commented on the fact that she not only dressed entirely in meat for an appearance at the Oscars, but that she accessorized with meat – meat hat, meat purse, etc.

He said he could think of two possible explanations for this. One, Lady Gaga was making a statement that God had given man domination over the created order and that he therefore had complete control over the lower animals to use as he saw fit. Or theory  number 2, she was just doing this to bring attention to herself.

I think that can apply just as fully to Judd. Maybe her agent suggested she do something outrageous to get some new roles in Hollywood. Haven’t seen her in many films lately.

PAUL ADDS: Remember when Ashley Judd was contemplating a run against Mitch McConnell? It’s clear from Saturday’s rally that she’s hell on wheels on the stump, but somehow I doubt she has a political future in Kentucky.

At the time, Politico reported that McConnell’s team was thinking about attacking Judd’s mental health if she ran. According to Politico, a “secret tape” revealed a McConnell aide saying of Judd, “She’s clearly, this sounds extreme, but she is emotionally unbalanced.”

Another voice was heard to say that there’s “a wealth of material” to use potentially against Judd. There certainly is now.


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