Green Weenie of the Week: Eric Holthaus

Another week, another pile of Green Weenie Award prospects. But we have an early winner. Eric Holthaus, an environmental stenographer who calls himself a “reporter” (don’t worry—I’ve never heard of him either), posted up a 15-part Tweetstorm a few days ago about how depressed he is about climate change, which prompted him to seek therapy.   A sensible counselor might have suggested Holthaus find a better line of work.

I won’t repost all 15 (though you can find them all here if you want), but the first two will do:



Next up, no doubt, will be demands for climate “safe rooms” filled with plush toys and the droning speeches of Al Gore and James Hansen playing quietly in the background. We’ll be happy to stock them with gluten-free Green Weenies.

P.S. We do have a runner up this week: a Tweet from Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein.


With a mind as keen as this, it’s a wonder she didn’t win the election. Please no one tell her that half of all Americans are below the median. Bernie Sanders hates this kind of competition.