Hillary Forever?

The Clintons really are Freddy Krueger of politics. Every time you think they’re slayed and buried for good, they come back to life. Can we really be so lucky, as the Daily Mail reports, to have Hillary Clinton actually start a TV talk show as a platform for another run at the White House?

Hillary Clinton is considering another run for president – and is mulling the idea of launching a television talk show to soften the ground for 2020.

Clinton would be 73 years old if she were to challenge President Donald Trump – again – and win the White House the next time around.

Launching a TV program now would make her America’s second-oldest female news or talk show host on the small screen, after only Joy Behar of ‘The View.’

Oh please, please we must have this TV show!

Before this, of course, was the chatter that Hillary might run for mayor of New York City. Fairness compels me to suggest that she’d be an improvement over Mayor Bill de Blasio (D-Managua), though that’s like being the tallest building in Wichita. But what is it with the Clintons that they have to run for and hold some office?

Which brings me to the fine work of the great historian Allan Guelzo, who it turns out has a musical turn to him. Allan sends along this:

MRS. CLINTON’S CONCESSION SONG (with apologies, albeit insincere ones, to Andrew Lloyd Webber) to the tune of “Don’t Cry for Me, Argentina”:

Don’t cry for me, New York City.

The truth is I never lived there.

I only used you as

Ambition’s stepping-stone.

That’s why I’m sounding

Like Eva Peron.

Now that I’m seeing the Oval Office

Recede so indifferently into space

All I want is to weep – and to faint – and immunity.

I think you’re just as

Disgraceful, deplorable, nasty and proud

As I ever privately thought

While publicly lying out loud.

Don’t cry for me, New York City.

[chorus] I think I’ve said too much.

It’s time to ask if there’s a BleachBit version 2

Be careful not to tell James Comey what you know

Or it’s the bus for you.


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