Hollywood Hates Trump, Broadway Loves Hillary [Updated]

About America’s left-wing celebrities, one can only wonder: when will they ever learn? Tonight’s Golden Globe awards were open season on President-Elect Donald Trump. The Associated Press reports: “Politics mentioned early and often at Golden Globes.”

Only a few seconds into his monologue, host Jimmy Fallon noted that the Globes was “one of the few places left where America still honors the popular vote.”

He was just getting started. Fallon went on to compare the president-elect to the evil King Joffrey in “Game of Thrones.”

“What would it be like if King Joffrey had lived?” Fallon asked. “Well, in 12 days we’re going to find out.”

Speaking of the film “Florence Foster Jenkins,” starring Meryl Streep as just about the worst opera singer in the world, Fallon opined: “Even she turned down performing at Trump’s inauguration.”

The mournful drama “Manchester by the Sea,” he said, was “the only thing from 2016 that was more depressing than 2016.” He also noted that votes were tabulated by the accounting firm of “Ernst & Young & Putin.”

It wasn’t just Fallon who indulged in Trump jokes. Hugh Laurie, accepting his award for best supporting actor in “The Night Manager,” speculated that this would perhaps be the last Golden Globes ceremony.

“I don’t mean to be gloomy, but it has the words ‘Hollywood,’ ‘foreign’ and ‘press’ in the title,” Laurie said, explaining his pessimism about the awards surviving the Trump era. He added that some Republicans don’t even like the word “association.”

He accepted his award “on behalf of psychopathic billionaires everywhere.”

Is that funny, or what? These people don’t seem to understand that the rest of America doesn’t give a rat’s a** what Hollywood celebrities think about politics. Is that hard to figure out? One wouldn’t think so, but they are a rather dense group.

Meanwhile, on Broadway, losing presidential candidate Hillary Clinton got a heroine’s welcome:

“The Color Purple” had a special guest in the audience as it bid farewell to Broadway — Hillary Clinton.

The former presidential candidate and her husband attended the matinee performance Sunday at the Bernard B. Jacobs Theatre, the show’s last after a run of 482 performances. According to theater-goers, the Clinton’s [sic] got several rounds of applause.
The reaction was in stark contrast to the one that greeted Vice President-elect Mike Pence at “Hamilton” in November. Then, the cast gave him an earful about equality from the stage.

A stark contrast, indeed. And yet, if these Broadway folk haven’t noticed, our next president will be Donald Trump, not Hillary Clinton.

Are liberals capable of introspection? Of self-examination? Do they ever wonder: Gosh, I keep doing the same thing and failing. Am I missing something?

Evidently not. Cluelessness reigns supreme, and outside of a few unimportant precincts–Hollywood, Manhattan–hardly anyone cares.

UPDATE: More here.