How to Drive a Liberal Completely Insane

Miss BushI distinctly recall, during the George W. Bush years, reading and overhearing liberals express a strange new respect for previous Republican presidents like George H.W. Bush and Reagan, who they now said towered head and shoulders above the cretinous, antedulivian, swaggering Texan that the GOP had forced upon the nation.

But now that Donald Trump is president, guess what? Yup—strange new respect from liberals for George W. Bush, as reported by Kyle Smith in the New York Post:

With Obama out and Trump in, the mental malady known as Bush Derangement Syndrome has finally begun to recede, and the 43rd president is enjoying an unlikely renaissance. Progressive journalist David Corn approvingly quoted Bush on Inauguration Day. Time magazine, Slate The Atlantic and the op-ed page of The New York Times have all run pieces in which left-wing writers favorably compared the second President Bush’s rhetoric to President Trump’s.

All of this suggests a wonderful way of sending liberals around the bend into total madness. Just sneak up behind them and say, “Well, if you didn’t like Bush at the time and don’t like Trump now, just wait till you see what we’ll do next!”

It’s guaranteed to be a fun time watching the reaction.