My Obama moment–and ours

The video below looks to be just another idiotic Hollywood production celebrating the godhood of Obama, but it must be a production of the Obama administration itself. The thing has been posted by the White House under the official title “Yes We Can: People Share Their Most Memorable Moments from the Obama Presidency.”

Those of you who persist in declaring Obama Muslim are obviously mistaken; the man worships himself. It’s the common denominator between him and his followers.

In the video, worshipers testify to their “Obama moment.” Here I would note that the worshipers represent — how to put it? — a limited cross section of the American people.

I awaited the moment of Obamacare. What a moment it was and is. Obamacare appears via Samuel Jackson, a wealthy Hollywood type who wasn’t wealthy enough to help his relatives procure health insurance in the dark years Before Obama.

Though Michael Jordan hails Obama as the Jackie Robinson of politics — the injustice to Robinson is deep — no one identifies a moment when Obama improved relations between or among the races. Even propagandists must respect the limits of credulity.

My Obama moment will be the moment his term in office expires. In the spirit of the video, however, I might identify my Obama moment as the moment he agreed to the deal with Iran, providing that we would protect Iran’s nuclear program and forking over billions in tribute and ransom to finance Iran’s terrorist/military projects. Or it might be the moment when Obama condemned Israel for taking up residence in the Jewish quarter of Jerusalem.

These moments live on to haunt us but they are not alone. There are so many among which to choose. As Jack Benny put it when threatened to give up his money or his life, “I’m thinking it over!”

Via Pajamas Media.


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