Obsessed with Israel; oblivious to genocide

That’s how the World Values Network summaries the Obama administration’s foreign policy. A good summary, though it excludes President Obama’s other dark obsession — appeasing Iran.

What follows is the content of the World Values Network’s newspaper ad that appears under the title quoted above, and under pictures of Samantha Power, Susan Rice, John Kerry, and President Obama — a quartet described as one that “will live in infamy as bystanders to the Syrian genocide”:

For the last six years, President Obama stood by and witnessed the slaughter of 500,000 Syrians. He has watched impotently as ISIS took control over a quarter of the country, targeting Yazidis and Christians, as Iran-backed Shia Muslims joined Alawites seeking to exterminate the Sunnis.

His administration has been ambivalent about stopping Syria’s largest city of Aleppo from being turned into a kill zone, where at least 100,000 children are trapped beneath the falling bombs.

A genocide has unfolded before our eyes, but rather than focusing its efforts on stopping the brutality in Aleppo, the lame-duck President and his cohorts — John Kerry, Susan Rice, and Samantha Power — decided that Jews building nurseries was a greater danger than mustard and sarin gas attacks against Arab children.

By engineering the reprehensible UN Security Council Resolution 2334, Team Obama has emboldened Israel’s enemies and made peace much less likely. By approving the resolution’s absurd language that Israel’s claim to the Western Wall and Jerusalem’s Jewish Quarter has “no legal validity,” and ignoring the Jewish people’s 3,000 year-old connection to Judea and Samaria, the Obama administration only encourages Palestinian jihadists to cling to their dreams of driving the Jews into the sea.

No wonder Hamas and Iran-backed Islamic Jihad, who are dedicated to Israel’s destruction, have praised it.

In his speech about the resolution, John Kerry said: “It is vital that we have an honest, clear-eyed conversation about the uncomfortable truths.” Here are just a few of them:

* No agreement, including the Oslo Accords signed by the Palestinians, precludes Israel from building in Judea and Samaria. In fact, even two-state proponents acknowledge Israel’s right to annex the major settlements as part of a land swap in the final peace agreement.

* The “West Bank” territory is disputed — not occupied. It was never a sovereign Palestinian state. After the force expulsion of Jews 2,000 years ago, the land was occupied by many nations, most recently by the Ottomans, British, and Jordanians. Only in 1967, after Israel defeated Jordan in the Six-Day War, did claims of “illegal occupation” become fashionable. . . .

* Jerusalem is Israel’s capital, recognized by the U.S. Congress in 1995. It is not occupied illegally, as the UN resolution falsely asserts.

Shame on John Kerry, the chief architect of the Iran deal, who caps his long record of targeting Israel with another dishonorable act.

Shame on Susan Rice, who was condemned by Samantha Power as a “bystander to genocide” of 800,000 innocents in Rwanda, for standing by the slaughter of 500,000 Syrians.

Shame on Samantha Power, once an anti-genocide activist, who will now be remembered as a hypocritical bystander herself.

Finally, shame on Barack Obama, whose countless assurances of “having Israel’s back” have proven worthless. Already tainted by the Iran deal, his legacy will be stained by this cowardly stab in Israel’s back in the fleeting days of his presidency.