Podcast: Repeal, Replace, Repeat Until Done


The Power Line Show podcast has been on extended hiatus because the four of us suffer from a massive collective action problem, being scattered in time zones and with crazy conflicting schedules. But I’ve been trying to keep my chops up to speed, yesterday sitting in for Rob Long on the weekly Ricochet podcast along with Peter Robinson and James Lileks. The show featured as its special guest Avik Roy, one of our leading experts on health care policy, who went through the coming ordeal over the repeal and replacement of Obamacare.

We also talked about—what else?—Trump and his prospects (and his tweets) and the Russian nonsense, and also a bit about a certain forthcoming book that you may have heard about and should pre-order today.

You can listen or download the podcast for use on your daily commute or dog walk, or listen at the link here or over at Ricochet.


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