Rip Van Reporter

Are America’s reporters and editors our most inept occupational group? They are an obvious candidate for the honor. How many reporters had any idea that Americans were so unhappy with the Washington status quo that Donald Trump would be our next president? Approximately zero. (I, on the other hand, predicted that Trump would win, mostly because I understood what a historically awful candidate Hillary Clinton was.) Political reporters are part of the Washington, D.C. swamp, and they didn’t notice anything wrong with the water they were swimming in until it was–from their point of view–too late.

How many reporters and editors woke up on November 9, stunned to find that Donald Trump was our president-elect? Pretty much all of them. And yet the signs had been building for years, taken seriously by many but not, with very few exceptions, by our reportorial “elite.” As usual, Michael Ramirez sums it up beautifully. Click to enlarge:



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