The Most Epic “Epic Media Fail” of All Time?

Put your cup of hot coffee far away from your keyboard before you read on. The Washington Post puts out a tabloid for Metro riders called Express, and here is its cover for the current issue:


I may not be able to get any work done for the rest of the day I’m so convulsed with laughter. In fact I am dictating this post from flat on my back on the floor. Although maybe, as Ethan Epstein at the Weekly Standard suggests, “Express was, in keeping the spirit of the times, slyly saying that gender is merely a social construct…” Or perhaps it’s even more sly than that, suggesting the radical feminists are right that it’s patriarchy all the way down?

I rather suspect an art director at the Post is having a bad day today.

UPDATE: This was not a parody or hoax. The Post has owned up to it: