Wounded Trooper Saved By Armed Citizen

A rollover accident occurred on an isolated stretch of highway near Phoenix at around 4:00 this morning. An Arizona state trooper responded to the accident, in which a woman was killed. The trooper was putting out flares on the highway when he was “ambushed” by an unidentified assailant who shot him in the shoulder.

The assailant then attacked the wounded trooper, wrestled him to the ground and started beating his head into the pavement. In all probability he would have murdered the trooper, but a man driving by pulled over, observed the scene and asked the trooper whether he needed help. When the trooper answered affirmatively, the passerby ran to his car and got a gun. He told the attacker to stop; when the perpetrator refused, the good Samaritan shot him several times, killing him.

The attacker has not been identified, and his motive for assaulting the trooper is unknown or unreported.

Score one for responsible and competent gun ownership.


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