CRB: The threat to liberty

You may have heard that our own Steven Hayward has a new book that is available now on Amazon. I read the book in galley and think it is the best book I have read since Philip Hamburger’s Is Administrative Law Unlawful? of 2014. Steve is a gifted teacher and a born storyteller, qualities that are prominently on display in his new book. The themes of Steve’s book culminate in his account of “the administrative state” (coincidentally, the subject illuminated by Hamburger’s book).

The new issue of the Claremont Review of Books is in the mail. I have chosen to lead off our preview of the new issue with the featured adaptation of Steve’s account of the administrative state that the CRB has placed online this morning for Power Line readers under the heading “The threat to liberty.”

The editors have asked me to be sure to note that the essay is adapted from Steve’s book. The subject is urgent; I highly recommend Steve’s lucid treatment of it.

Thanks to our friends at the Claremont Institute, I have read the new issue in galley to select three pieces to be submitted for the consideration of Power Line readers. As always, wanting to do right by the magazine and by our readers, I had a hard time choosing. You, however, can do your own choosing at the heavily subsidized price of $19.95 a year by clicking on the link above and accessing subscription services. At that price the CRB affords the most cost-effective political education available in the United States of America. Subscribe by clicking on Subscription Services at the link and get immediate online access thrown in for free.


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