Democrats Make Fools of Themselves at Cotton Town Hall

Leftists are besieging Republicans’ town meetings across the country, mostly trying to get headlines from sympathetic newspapers. Often, their conduct has been deplorable. Yesterday afternoon, Senator Tom Cotton did a town hall in Springdale, Arkansas, and the left was out in force, stacking the 2,200-seat venue. Their antics have been hailed breathlessly by such outlets as the Washington Post, Politico and CNN. In fact, the leftists’ efforts were rather pathetic, as one Democrat after another got up and read long statements off note cards. Senator Cotton responded masterfully to the Democrats. You can watch the whole thing, but I don’t recommend it. It is, however, worth watching a few minutes to get a feel for how crazy the Democrats are:

Notwithstanding the fact that better than 1,000 of them showed up to agitate at the Springdale town hall, the Democratic Party is almost extinct in Arkansas. Yesterday’s dismal showing is one more nail in the Arkansas Democrats’ coffin, as an overwhelming majority of Arkansans no doubt reacted with disgust.