Dems in 5 states are with you

Power Line readers who mischievously pull for Minnesota Fifth District Rep. Keith Ellison to emerge victorious in his bid for the chairmanship of the DNC are not alone. We have noted that former Obama administration green jobs commissar and Mao man Van Jones is with you. We have noted that Vox’s Matthew Yglesias has joined you. We have also noted that 300 Jewish leaders are with you.

And that’s not all! The editors of The Nation and Mother Jones are in your corner as well.

Mother Jones is not only with you, it has published the single best journalistic account of Ellison’s career in the past year (at the link). In doing so, Mother Jones has scooped the Star Tribune in its own back yard. Some day the Star Tribune might get around to a serious examination of Ellison’s troubling past, but it apparently won’t be any time soon and it apparently won’t be while he remains in office representing Minnesota’s Fifth District. With its Washington coverage assigned to Allison Sherry, the Star Tribune has remained content to serve as Ellison’s cheerleader as he pursues his bid for election next week to chair the Democratic National Committee.

Yesterday afternoon Sherry reported the latest bit of news from the Ellison camp: “Ellison’s DNC campaign said on Wednesday he sewed up votes from all of the state delegates from Minnesota, Nebraska, Rhode Island, South Dakota and Vermont — a total of 25 votes out of the 224 he will eventually need to win.” Sherry does not reflect on what it means, but she does reveal her shaky grasp of subject-verb agreement: “Several rounds of voting is expected next weekend at the DNC’s annual meeting in Atlanta.”


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