Green Weenie of the Week: Gina McCarthy

This week’s finalists for Power Line’s coveted Green Weenie Award include this forlorn protest yesterday at Berkeley against the Dakota Access Pipeline, staged despite about two inches of California’s permanent drought (because: climate change) coming down, and despite the fact that yesterday construction work restarted on the pipeline now that Trump is in charge:


DAPL retsrated

But the undisputed winner has to be former EPA administrator Gina McCarthy.  Even though she’s out of office, she’s still eligible. And she wins because while she insistently denied that the Obama administration was hostile to coal, some sharp-eyed photographer caught the Sierra Club “Coal Sucks” poster among her office possessions being packed up:

McCarthy Coal2

Well, the Obama “war on coal” is proving about as effective as his other wars. From The Daily Caller this week:

Japan Coal


German Coal

CORRECTION & UPDATE: This photo is apparently not from McCarthy’s own office, but comes from a visit she made to the office of Kevin de Leon, the Democratic State Senate leader in California. Not sure why he leaves his pictures and posters on the floor unless he’s also moving offices, but in any event the Green Weenie Award stands, as McCarthy’s denials of Obama Administration hostility to coal were patently insincere, and de Leon’s inclusion of this poster in his office makes clear that hostility to coal is official doctrine of the Democratic Party.