Liberals Troll Themselves

I’m starting to think Twitter is the idea vehicle for tracking the descent of liberals into stark raving madness in the Age of Trump. I typically avert my gaze from watching self-immolation of any kind, but like car crashes on the highway, sometimes you can’t help slowing down to gawk at the spectacle. So let’s take in a few, starting with Betsy DeVos:

DeVos will Kill

No, not an exaggeration in any way. But at least it gave CNN a run for its money:

DeVis segregation

Now on to Gorsuch:

Wyden on Gorsuch

But finally, thank God for this old one from Harry Reid, which is the ultimate trolling Tweet right now:

Reid Filibuster Tweet

Yes, it did need to be done, and Secretary DeVos and Attorney General Sessions thank you for it. As will Justice Neal Gorsuch in a few weeks.


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