Oscar Week in Pictures: Ha Ha Land

I almost—almost—wish I had watched the Oscars last night to take in the sublime moment when the best picture award was flubbed. It was the perfect Twitter moment. La La Land blows 28-3 lead! But La La Land won the popular vote! All La La Land had to do was kick the field goal! Warren Beatty’s biggest flop since Ishtar!

Only one thing to do morningafterwise—yup, a special edition of TWIP:

Truman La La Land

Oscar 13 Oscar 12


Harvey 2

Oscar 11


Investigate!Osdcar 10 Oscar 9 Oscar 8 Oscar 7 Oscar 6 Oscar 5 Oscar 4 Oscar 3 Oscar 2 Oscar 1

I’ll update this later perhaps as the meme generators work overtime today.