Pelosi and Cummings peddle fake news on Gen. Flynn

This will come as a shock, but Nancy Pelosi and Elijah Cummings want to make political hay out of the Gen. Michael Flynn affair. They want us to believe that Flynn’s conversation with the Russian ambassador is just the tip of a large iceberg of secret, nefarious communications between Team Trump and the Russkies. Never mind that there isn’t even anything nefarious about Flynn’s conversation as reported by those who offer the least innocent version of it.

Today, Pelosi and Cummings held a joint press conference, during which Cummings intoned:

Madame Leader, just this morning, Flynn tweeted that he is a ‘scapegoat.’ I believe we need to hold a public hearing with Flynn to get to the bottom of this.

Later in the day, Pelosi herself called out Flynn for the tweet.

But Flynn didn’t tweet that he is a “scapegoat.” The tweet Cummings and Pelosi cited was from a fake account.

The tweet came from the account “@GenMikeFlynn.” However, as Kyle Feldscher of the Washington Examiner points out, that’s not Flynn’s Twitter account. He had previously tweeted from @GenFlynn, which was deleted last month.

Eager to leverage the Flynn affair into something more broad and more damning, the two Democrats and their staffers apparently failed to notice the difference.

Eventually, one of Pelosi’s aides broke the bad news to her. “What do you mean it’s fake?” she reportedly responded.

He means that, once again, you’ve played the fool.


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