Ready for Warren?

Charlotte Allen at the Weekly Standard reports on the marketing of Elizabeth Warren. It includes a book, The Fight Is Our Fight; a webpage, “Help us elect Elizabeth Warren for president in 2020”; and a Facebook page, “Ready for Warren.”

But is America ready for Warren? A new survey finds her running behind President Trump by six points, 42-36.

A poll taken almost four years before the next presidential election is meaningless as a guide to whether Trump would defeat Warren. What may be significant is that the same pollsters found that a “generic Democrat” runs ahead of Trump by eight points, 43-35.

As Lloyd Bentsen might say: I knew Generic Democrat. Generic Democrat was a friend of mine. Senator, you’re no Generic Democrat.

The public has not taken a fancy to the shrill would-be Indian from Harvard. Warren, it seems, is damaged goods.

It may be unrealistic to imagine that the damage can be repaired by a book, a web site, and a Facebook page.