The Audi factor

The “wage gap” between men and women is such an old canard that it could be coeval with the birth of (real) fake news. With their sure grasp on the exploitation of ignorance, Democrats have turned it into a perduring plank in the “war on women” allegedly waged by Republicans. Thomas Sowell has devoted several columns to debunking it. He calls the “wage gap” a “lie that won’t die.”

Where would the left be without “gaps” to remedy? The “wage gap” will never die.

On Sunday it turned up in a Super Bowl ad run by Audi (video below). What was it doing there? That is a good question in more ways than one.

The ad caused gratuitous offense to anyone who understands the game that is afoot. Speaking for myself, I can say the ad probably lost Audi a few customers. It probably lost them a few prospective customers. I wonder how many it may have gained them, or whether the good will Audi sought to create was offset by the offense it occasioned.

What about Audi itself? It turns out that there is a “wage gap” at Audi. It turns out that Audi has no women on its board. Ashe Schow reports on the ordeal of Audi in her debut New York Observer column. Here is the beauty part:

Audi…basically debunked their own Super Bowl ad on Twitter. After tweeting their commercial, one woman responded, asking if Audi pays their female workers less.

“You pay your female employees less than males?” she asked. “You know that’s against the law, right?”

Audi’s official Twitter account responded: “When we account for all the various factors that go into pay, women at Audi are on par with their male counterparts.”

So when they have a wage gap, it’s due to “factors,” but everyone else’s wage gap is due to discrimination. This is the same tactic the Obama White House used when it was discovered women, on average, were earning less than men. The gap was due to more women in junior positions, with more men in senior positions. But when earnings are compared, women as a whole are compared to men as a whole.

Audi learned this the hard way after the Super Bowl ad aired, when people started noting that no women sit on its management board….

Thus the difference between Audi and Democrats. Democrats are incapable of embarrassment and they will never learn.


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