The Week in Pictures: TPAC Edition

Given Trump’s rapturous reception at CPAC yesterday, perhaps they really should rename it TPAC. But isn’t that a rapper name? Meanwhile, the media continues to have a case of the vapors because Trump didn’t allow CNN into a press “gaggle,” and this is making them all gag, while the rest of us giggle. Earth to the media: your public approval ratings are lower than Congress: if you’re constantly agog over Trump, maybe you better get a new gig. Kudos, though, to Mika Brzrzrzrzrzsinski on MSNBC for letting the truth slip, as shown here:

Mikis Flyb

Good luck with that Mika.

Scarborough Clown

Media Goal Trump to Media

Trump Law

Trump meme 3 Sweden

Obama's Pen

Hollyweood to Canada

Sliencing McCain


Suggested brand names: “Homohemp!” “GayGanja!” “SwishWish?”

Warren Face

Govt Protest

Where is Monty Python when you really need them?

Brins Not Bombs

Yes, liberals are this historically illiterate.

Yes, liberals are this historically illiterate.

Nazi Card

Confederate California

Headline of the week:

Pizza Topping

Runner up:

Bread deli truckSleep Number Dark Humor

Longer Fart Snakes

Tonight on my grill for sure.

Tonight on my grill for sure.

Beer ruck Wine Answers Spelled Bar Wriong

Facebook Bar

Downton Abbey Road

IMG_0268 IMG_0267

Line Dancing Bill Posters Girl Scouts

Clock Face

Sam Elliott 2

And finally. . .