Trump Goes On Offense, Blasts Press

President Trump gave a press conference today in which he recounted the achievements of his administration to date, and excoriated the press for its biased and ill-informed coverage. It was a bravura performance. Reporters kept trying to get mileage out of the Mike Flynn/Russia story, but got nowhere. The main news that emerged was that the administration will issue a new travel/immigration order next week that will avoid issues raised by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

Rather than trying to summarize–and, frankly, it can be hard to summarize a Trump riff–here is the press conference in its entirety. I encourage you to watch it all, or as much as you have time for, and then compare your own observations to news stories about the event, which are already coming out. E.g., the Associated Press: “Dismissing scandals and setbacks as media fiction, Trump says his administration is ‘running like a fine-tuned machine.'”

Here it is. It isn’t as long as it appears; Trump doesn’t appear until an hour into the live stream, and the stream continues for 15 minutes after Trump departs the stage:


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