Analyze this [updated]

The mainstream media have pursued patently inconsistent story lines in the matter of Donald Trump, the Russian connection and law enforcement surveillance of same. Either they are really, really stupid or they think we are.

At InstaPundit Ed Driscoll serves up this great example of the New York Times revising today’s line to conform to yesterday’s line, captured by Judicial Watch Director of Investigations Chris Farrell on Twitter. As they used to say in the journalism biz, get me rewrite! Who knows what tomorrow will bring?

UPDATE: I take it from Andrew McCarthy’s Twitter feed (tweet here) that the Times says the newspaper and digital versions of the story have always carried different headlines. Having written a column making the point I do above, Andy now confesses error. If he’s wrong, I’m wrong.

THIS JUST IN: Andy has now proclaimed his error in a NRO/Corner post. I regret that I have to join him in confessing error.


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