Calling out NBC

In a great opening beatdown on his FOX News show last night, Tucker Carlson compared and contrasted the interference of NBC in the 2016 presidential election with the alleged interference of the Russians (video below).

Quotable quote:

Complaints from NBC about election meddling? Given that company’s conduct over the past six months that is a bit rich. Consider the infamous Access Hollywood tape. Now, if you are living in America last fall, you certainly remember it. The shocking and vulgar remarks. The immediate and disastrous effect that tape had on the candidate Trump’s poll numbers. It was a political bomb detonated in the final days of the most intense political race of our lifetimes. The fallout was so overwhelming that few paused to consider where that tape came from.

So, let’s consider that now. That tape belonged to NBC, it was shot by NBC cameramen for an NBC show on NBC property. So, how did it wind up in the hands of “The Washington Post” which broke the story? How, in other words, did valuable intellectual property from one news organization end up benefitting a competitor.

Intentionally. That is the short answer.

According to sources at NBC, The Access Hollywood tape was leaked to the Washington Post with the full knowledge of NBC brass. That would include news edition head Andrew Lack. NBC’s motive? To derail the Trump campaign two days before a presidential debate. Now, keep in mind that the Access Hollywood tape had been sitting in an archive since it was shot 11 years before. NBC executives had known about its existence at least last summer — months before it aired. Concerned about being accused of partisanships and perhaps worried about California’s strict wiretapping law, which prohibits the recording of subjects without their knowledge, the network sat on it.

But as November approached, the temptation to shut down the Trump campaign became too much. And so NBC rose to the defense of Hillary Clinton and leaked that tape. And then they lied about it.

Via RealClearPolitics.


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