How the Administrative State Threatens Our Liberty: VIP Live, With Howard Root

The administrative state is the #1 threat to our freedom, a fact which no one knows better than our friend Howard Root. Howard was the founder and CEO of Vascular Solutions, Inc., a successful medical products company that was set up as a victim by Barack Obama’s hyper-politicized Department of Justice. For five years, Obama’s DOJ persecuted and harassed Howard and his company with bogus claims. Thankfully, Howard Root had both the financial resources and, more important, the courage–he was facing prison time–to stand up to the DOJ’s bullies.

Ultimately, a jury acquitted Howard and Vascular Solutions on all charges. One of the jurors wrote Howard to say that what the government tried to do to him was a disgrace. Still, Howard had to leave the medical products industry, as he knew that he could continue to be a target of vengeful prosecutors, to the detriment of the company that he had led since its founding. Last month, he sold Vascular Solutions.

Howard has written a book about his ordeal called Cardiac Arrest: Five Heart-Stopping Years as a CEO On the Feds’ Hit-List. The book is sensational, not just readable but gripping, even though it deals largely with legal proceedings. Trust me: if you read Cardiac Arrest to the end, you will be on your feet, cheering for Howard Root. Howard also authored a recent Wall Street Journal column about his persecution by the federal government.


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