Leonard Leo: We’re not that stupid

Leonard Leo is President Trump’s adviser for the Supreme Court (on leave from the Federalist Society). Leonard has forwarded a statement reacting to the report that Democrats are looking to cut a deal on filibustering judicial nominations:

“Democrats must be delusional to think that Leader McConnell or any of his Republican colleagues would reward Democrats for their awful treatment of Neil Gorsuch by agreeing to a 60-vote threshold for future Supreme Court nominations in exchange for a filibuster-free vote on Judge Gorsuch. One way or the other his confirmation is all but assured by now. This absurd ‘deal’ would prolong an environment in which Democrat Supreme Court nominees get up or down simple majority votes and Republican nominees get filibustered. That’s not a deal, it’s unilateral disarmament.”

Leonard’s statement lines up very nicely with the comments posted last night by Steve and by Paul. I certainly hope that Leonard is right about Leader McConnell and his Republican colleagues.