Loose Ends (17)

The new normal in the Time of Trump is for too many things to be happening all at once, such that it is hard to keep up. So let’s just go down a short checklist.

OMG! Add to the list of the things the media find defective about President Trump is that he is likely to be the first president in 100 years who doesn’t have a pet in the White House! The Washington Post—natch—wonders whether Trump is petophobic:

Trump doesn’t appear to hold the highest regard for man’s best friend. In fact, one of his go-to insults is comparing someone to a dog: Ted Cruz was “choking like a dog.” Marco Rubio was “sweating like a dog.” David Gregory, Bill Maher, Glenn Beck, Chuck Todd, Mark Cuban — all of them, Trump declared in various tweets and speeches, had been or should be fired “like a dog.”

So desperate is the rabid-canine-like media to bring down Trump that they’re resorting to rallying dog lovers against him. They miss their days of slobbering over Obama. Their distemper shots have clearly failed. Sad! (P.S. I know: Some people would say Trump’s pet is Melania, but that’s just what some people say.)


According to one tweet I saw this morning, CNN’s John King reported that the phones are ringing off the hook in the offices of the Democratic senators on the Judiciary Committee, with complaints that they aren’t being aggressive and nasty enough to Judge Gorsuch. Oh please, please Democrats—keep it up with the complaints about Judge Garland’s “stolen” Supreme Court seat, please, please keep attacking a cartoon version of constitutional originalism, and can you also turn up the volume on Al Franken’s microphone? That man deserves to be heard more clearly. Watching Gorsuch easily swat away every attempt to corner him is like watching a professor handle dull freshmen (or “first-years” if you’re attending Yale Day Care University) on the first day of class.

Above all, please, please filibuster Gorsuch’s nomination on the Senate floor. It won’t go down well with the public. Because when this triggers Senate Republicans to nix the filibuster, they might as well just go all the way and abolish it for everything (as Democrats will surely do the next time they have a Senate majority), and then the Senate can pass everything it needs to pass to reverse Obamacare completely. And Democrats will have Harry Reid to thank.

There is one clear lesson to be gleaned from watching the self-immolation of Democrats over Gorsuch: the Borking drill could only work once.


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