Shree on a match

One Shree Chauhan accosted Trump administration flack Sean Spicer in the DC Apple store this past Saturday. The Daily Mail reports that Chauhan is a 33-year-old Indian-American woman who lives in DC and works for a non-profit. The site Heavy has more here and here.

Chauhan harasses Spicer. She implies that Spicer is a criminal. She suggests he has committed treason. Those are fighting words, but Chauhan takes offense at Spicer’s observation that this is “such a great country that allows you to be here.”

Chauhan posted the video to her twitter feed. She is proud of her tirade. She expands on it in a Medium post. I didn’t need to review her Twitter feed or read the Medium post to figure out that Chauhan is an enthusiastic consumer of MSNBC programming or that her imputations of “fascism” constitute the usual leftist projection.


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