Thoughts from the ammo line

Ammo Grrrll makes a simple request to whom it may concern: STOP TELLING US WHO WE ARE! She writes:

Any time a Leftist disagrees with a policy, a person, or an idea, if he has already used up the tedious racist/sexist/whatever deal, and hasn’t started rioting yet, he has one more lame argument in his bag of tricks. He has learned from ex-President Obama, to point his nose skyward and assert, “That’s not who we are!” Please. Do us the courtesy of not telling us who we are when you don’t even know us. You know precious few Heartland Americans, as we can tell by the movies you make about us. They ring as true as Hillary’s mortifying black preacher accent when she’s “no ways tahrd.”

Barry’s other go-to threat was that we would end up on “the wrong side of history.” But History just kicked him in the nuts, as History will sometimes do, so it’s back to telling us who we are.

As Scott reminded us again last week, Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton borrowed the “Not Who We Are” battle cry to scold and threaten anyone in St. Cloud, MN who questioned the resettlement there of large numbers of Somali Muslims, virtually ordering anyone who objected to leave. Have you ever noticed on the question of Jews building Jewish housing in Jerusalem the AP and other Leftist news outfits have a stylebook that mandates the phrase “traditionally-Arab East Jerusalem”? Why, then, do we never see “traditionally-white Catholic St. Cloud” from the same stylebook? And, who knew the Left cared about “tradition”?

Maybe the last word has not yet been written on who we are. But we know some of the things we are. Besides winners of the last election. We first and foremost have every right to defensible borders. A country without borders is not a country. So we Americans reserve the right to preserve and protect our borders.

If people do enter illegally, and commit heinous crimes in addition to the original crime of entering illegally, we do not care to spend $50,000 a year to feed and house them in prison. We want them deported to their home countries. There are many places for those millions of taxpayer dollars besides warehousing foreign criminals.

We are a free people with the constitutionally-guaranteed right to free speech. Hate speech — which is what the Auld Left calls any speech it disagrees with – is a fiction invented by the Left to shut down genuine free speech. Free speech does not include the right to prevent others from speaking by shouting them down, or shutting down the entire event with arson and rioting. That is what perhaps 70 percent of us still believe, with the exception of most Democrat celebrities, most Democrat media outlets, and most Democrat academics, who cheer on the masked totalitarians and promise us it is “only the beginning” of anarchy. Though these effete snobs are liars by the clock, on this, we would do well to take them at their word.

We are also a people with the constitutionally-guaranteed right to keep and bear arms to defend our homes, our persons and our loved ones. It’s not only who we are but WHY we are! It is the right that protects all the others. Get a gun and learn to use it.

Because we have not taken leave of our senses, most of us would rather kill pitiless terrorists than unborn babies. That’s just how wacky we are. Why, most Americans are so pro-baby, a bunch of co-workers in San Bernardino gave a baby shower for radical Islamic terrorist “refugees” who showed their gratitude for such generosity by trying to murder them all.

The Statue of Liberty is not weeping, Madame Albright, for keeping such people out for a short vetting time. If the Statue of Liberty could turn happy cartwheels, she would, if the French hadn’t skimped on material and left off her underwear.

We have traditionally been a people loyal to our friends and allies and strong in the face of our enemies. For the last eight years, that practice got flipped on its head. Our President betrayed Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East, and sent a literal BALE of cash to our sworn enemy in “Death to America” hostage-taking, theocratic Iran. But in a free and fair election we voted to return to sanity.

When assured, mocked, and taunted that we were going to lose in a landslide as late as the day before the election, we Trump voters didn’t riot; we didn’t block ambulances on freeways; we didn’t smash a single Starbucks window despite their ludicrous prices and snotty baristas; we hadn’t prevented one single Democrat from speaking. Ever. We just voted. It’s who we are – a tolerant, law-abiding people who will put up with a lot. But not forever.

The Chattering Classes who pretend they know us and love to define us never even saw it coming. Because sometimes, when necessary, we can be a stealthy people. It has ever been thus, since General Washington went on a chilly little night cruise across the Delaware, snuck up on a bunch of drunk Hessian mercenaries and killed or captured them all. Did I mention it was on Christmas? Hooyah!

We voted in our imperfect but feisty Trump guy without tipping our hand, without even letting the pollsters — who very much resemble drunk mercenaries — know we were going to bolt. Psych! Made almost every single prognosticator and election night blatherer look first, like a fool, and then, a crybaby. Righteous! It never gets old, does it? And it’s only mid-March of Year One of four or – God willing! – eight or sixteen.

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